Defense Litigation

If you’ve been accused of a criminal offence, it can be extremely distressing. We can offer immediate legal advice and non-judgemental support. We’ll advise you of your rights and options, will advocate for you throughout the process and can represent your interests in court.

At James J. Kelly & Son, Solicitors, we will listen to your issues, ensure you’ve a clear understanding of the law and we’ll provide you with an assessment of your rights and options. We’ll prepare you for, and represent you, in any court appearances and ensure your rights are protection at each step.

We offer legal advice and defence litigation support relating to:

  • Drink Driving, Dangerous Driving and other Road Offences
  • Drug Offences
  • Assault Cases
  • Tax Prosecutions, Fraud and Theft
  • Public Order Offences
  • Other Criminal Charges

A fair trial, an entitlement to be defended and a belief of innocence until proven guilty are the core of our legal justice system. We have the criminal law expertise and experience to ensure your rights are protected.

Contact us for confidential and non-judgemental advice and immediate criminal defence support and representation.