Shareholders Agreements

If you are forming a limited liability company with one or more people, a shareholder agreement is a critical component. It governs interactions with shareholders within the company, helping ensure proper management.

At James J. Kelly & Son, Solicitors, we have supported a wide variety of clients through the company formation process. Advising and drafting shareholder agreement is a central component in this process. We can help you set your company up in a way that ensures good governance and limits the potential for future conflicts.

We offer legal support and advice relating to:

  • Drafting Shareholder Agreements
  • Director Appointment & Remuneration
  • Share Transfers Clauses
  • Division of Profits
  • Intellectual Property Clauses
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Our vast experience with company formations and the drafting of shareholder agreements enable us to best support you through the process. We offer expert advice on clauses and structure options to ensure your company is properly managed from the outset and has a roadmap for dealing with conflicts in the future.

Contact us today to find out how we can advise you on shareholder agreements for your venture and support you through the company formation process.